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Hi Derrick The brace arrived today to me so I have fitted it myself for Beau he seems very impressed with it I have an appointment with Amy at the Vet early Monday morning so I will get her to check if I have put it on correctly it seems to be fine I am letting Beau wear it like your brochure said in short periods so he gets use to it I assumed the sock was to put on while he has the brace on that is correct isn’t it I will keep you posted how he goes and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your help regarding Beau as he is dearly loved in our family I thought we would do anything for him to make him comfortable in his later years. Kind Regards Wendy
Hi Derrick
Just wanted to let you know our Tillie is completely healed. With the wonderful service we received from you and the custom made knee brace she had a good recovery experience. She got to a point she would wait very patiently for me to put on her brace. I think she realized it enabled her to run without pain. Without your valuable service I don’t know where she would be today in her recovery. Thank you so much. Sam and Mary Worthy
Our Tillie is completely healed
Lizzy is doing so well with her brace. She has her life back again. When she is active I ask her if she wants her Walkie on and she sits and sticks her leg out to put on. When she has had enough she will come and sit by me and stick her leg out and I ask her if she want it off and she turns to have it off. I will try to send some video later. Thank you.
Lizzy is doing so well with her brace
Derrick: We just wanted to tell you how much our dog, Meghan, A wheaten Terrier loves her Stifle Brace. We were referred to you by Animal Hospital of Waynesboro. I’m not sure what I expected but it is very comfortable for her and when we take it off she gets upset because she wants to leave it on. I would recommend this brace to any dog owner who’s dog has a knee problem. Great work and design. Thanks again,
I would recommend this brace to any dog owner
First off I want to say that Petey, our 6-year old American Bulldog, with the support of his stifle brace, has made a 90% recovery from what our vet told us would have been limited at best with an expensive knee surgery. After his injury, his knee would make a constant clicking noise with or without the brace but during a lunging episode at an aggressive dog while walking,it must have realigned his knee for the clicking immediately ceased. He runs, jumps and plays with the brace without any noticeable strain or pain. He’s a normal dog with his brace on. Thank you!
He's a normal dog with his brace on. Thank You!
Hi Derrick, Hope all is well! I got a knee brace for my dog from you back in June after the vet had told me that knee braces that stay in place don’t exist. Anyway, I just got back from the vet and he was amazed at Moka’s brace! He took down your information so he can refer pets who aren’t eligible for surgery. Thanks again for the brace, it’s been very helpful.
Thanks again for the brace, it's been very helpful
Sir, Wanted to send you some pictures and update you on Yogi’s progress. He is doing wonderfully with his prosthetic right rear leg! He now is able to go for walks each day with his brother, and has gotten into a very good comfortable gait…..you cant tell he has a prosthetic watching him walk. He is up to about 8+ hours a day of wear and doesnt chew or mess with it, it appears he is very comfortable with it. V/R
He is doing wonderfully with his prosthetic right rear leg!
Good morning. I received Kira’s brace one week ago today. It is awesome! Thank you so much for the quick and perfect job. When I put the brace on her she knuckled down every few steps for about five minutes then it was as if the brace wasn’t even there. It’s been that way since. She completely forgets about it but is walking with much more confidence now as well as with a normal gait. In the morning when it’s time to put it on her she sniffs it and then gets very excited. She turns to give me the correct leg and stands perfectly still so that I can put it on her. Once it’s on she does a little spinning dance and goes wandering. Thank you so much for giving a normal life back to my dog.
Thank you so much for giving a normal life back to my dog
Derrick, I’m the old guy that drove with his dog from Indianapolis to get a brace made and modified. We lost our beloved Casey on New Year’s day. She was 16 years and 3 months old when she passed away. She had surely slowed down in the last couple of years but I know she enjoyed her life, even on her last day. She loved going to work with me and never lost her desire to eat the cat that lives next door. Derrick, I have no doubt that you not only made her life with the carpus varus less painful, but I’m sure your work extended her life by years. While sort of a waddle, she was always willing and able to get around with her brace. My deepest thanks and keep up the good work.
My deepest thanks and keep up the good work
Dear Derrick and all the Animal Ortho care Team!! we are so happy!!! Look at the pictures attached! Timur wears his new prosthetics and he runs!! I was so worried that we would have to wait for weeks till the time he would get used to them, but he almost ran at the moment he tried his “new paws”!!! These are the first prosthetics for dogs in Ukraine as far as I know and Timur is the happy owner! all of our volunteers who are engaged in Timur’s story are extremely grateful and happy! THANK YOU THOUSAND TIMES!!! and we are on tiptoe with curiosity to know who is the Timur’s “guardian angel” that have paid for the prosthetics! Please let me know who else did contact you regarding Timur! PS all the money collected for Timur’s prosthetics wil be transferred to one of the dogs invalids who need urgent help THANK YOU!!!
The first prosthetics for dogs in Ukraine & Timur is the happy owner!