Caerus Splints with Padding - 5 Pack

Caerus Splints are indicated for immobilization of acute fractures and soft tissue trauma. Previously introduced to the human orthopedic market, this innovative product is now available to the veterinary field as a revolutionary solution to the hassle, waste and mess of traditional splinting methods.


Our thermoformable technology offers many advantages over common splinting challenges After only 4 to 5 minutes of dry heat, our splint material becomes fully moldable for a clean and comfortable application without wrinkles and sharp edges Splints can be fully reheated or spot molded as needed, and are easily trimmed and shaped with a scissors
Removable open-cell foam padding replaces cast padding and can be washed and air dried, or replaced with Caerus Replacement Padding Splints come pre-sized providing an off-the-shelf solution to veterinary splinting and casting The speed and efficiency provided by this technology saves time and money over the leading casting approaches
Thermoformable Definition and Description By definition; “adjective, having the ability to be shaped using heat and pressure.” The proprietary thermoplastic material used in our braces and splinting material is designed to be heated at low temperatures and formed into the desired conforming shape. After forming, the material cools quickly into a rigid polymer similar in stiffness to ABS or polypropylene. Thermoformable Technology The advantage is heating at low temperatures with our Slim Line Heater (SLH). Reheating is easily accomplished with the SLH or with a common device such as a hair dryer, allowing fine-tuning and customized into final shapes.

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