Instructions & Care

General Wear and Care Instructions for your AOC Custom Orthotic Device or Caerus Braces and Splints

The following guidelines will serve as a reference when you have a general question regarding the wear and care of your pet’s AOC or Caerus product.

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Instructions & Care

Your Animal Orthocare clinician/veterinarian has provided instruction on how to apply and remove your device at the time of the fintal fitting. Remember to keep the brace snug. It was designed this way and wearing it loosely will result in fricition and skin irritation.

Break-In Period

Similiar to breaking in a new pair of shoes, the custom orthosis must be worn in short, increasing increments in order to build up a tolerance to the device. Both the length of the break- in preiod and the time of each increment willl depend on your pet's diagnosis and should be discussed with your Animal Orthocare practitioner and/or veterinarian.

For best results, place the brace on your pet for only 1/2 hour the first day and increase by 1/2 hour per day. If there is any irritation or skin break-down, discontinue use for one full day. A short preiod of time is required before your pet accepts the orthotic device. In order to facilitate your pet's acceptance of the device, the orthosis should be associated with positive reinforcment, such as a treat.

Skin & Brace Examination

It is of extereme importance that your pet's skin is inspected thouroughly after every use. This is especially important during the "break-in preiod." The occurence of skin redness that does not disappear within 20 minutes or, evidence of skin brakdown is a sign of excessive pressure. Any unusual marks on the skin, blisters, or excessive wearing of the device should also be noted.

If any of the previously mentioned condiitions present themselves, discontinue using the device and contact Animal Ortho Care. Keep in mind, it is rather common to see minor issues within the first few weeks. These devices can easily be modified to relieve any areas of irritation. It is also important to inspect the device regularly for any cracks or tears. Padding and Hook and Loop can be replaced by calling or making an appointment with Animal Ortho Care.

Proper Hygeine

It is important to keep the the skin in contact with the device as well as keeping the orthosis clean. This reduces the chance of your pet contracting contact dermatitits or other skin conditions. Your pet's decvice should be cleaned regularly using a mix of 1/2 water-1/2 alcohol and a clean towel. Use a towel or let the orthosis dry at room temperature. Please do not use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

Cotton socks have been provided (except for very small braces and stifle braces) to help with excessinve sweating and to keep the device clean. You can wash these with soap and warm water to keep clean. Never put a wet brace or cotton stockinette on your pet. Some of the AOC Custom devices be be worn in the water. Please inquire beforehand or verify through the instructions for use.

Please feel free to contact Animal Ortho Care with any further questions or concerns

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