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Contracture Braces are used to increase range of motion in a joint. There are two types of these braces; static/progressive or dynamic.
The $75 Price you see is the cost for the CASTING KIT, full Instructions and Order Form. Shipping and Handling added at Checkout. Base Price is $575 plus $100 for each Contracture Joint added. Final Pricing is determined with a completed Order Form. Please call for more information.


Static/Progressive Contracture Braces stretch a joint by slowly increasing range incrementally. This type is worn in 30 minute sessions several times a day to most effectively increase range.

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Dynamic Contracture Braces use a spring like joint that keeps constant tension on the shortened muscles and can be adjusted according to your pet’s tolerance. These can be left on for longer periods of time, but both are great options for releasing contracted muscles at any joint.

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When purchasing and choosing overnight shipping, the casting kit will be shipped overnight and not the brace. The brace takes time to make once we receive the mold.

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