Caerus CCL Stifle (Knee) Brace

The Caerus CCL Stifle Brace provides an off-the-shelf customizable solution to injury stabilization following injuries and surgery to the Knee (Stifle) and specifically the Cranial Cruciate Ligament.


Modular system allows for a custom fit through the use of Boa Closures, custom adjustable hinges and Caerus patented thermoformable technology Proprietary, patent-pending hinge designed to provide the anatomical fit specific to the patient Innovative Hook and Loop closure design provides easy application, adjustment and removal Thermoformable construct allows the system to be warmed in the Caerus Slim Line Heater, providing a more custom shape and fit Thermoformable Technology The advantage is heating at low temperatures with our Slim Line Heater (SLH). Reheating is easily accomplished with the SLH or with a common device such as a hair dryer, allowing fine-tuning and customized into final shapes.
Innovative mix of technology provides prophylactic support for injuries to the Knee (Stifle) and specifically CCL When used as a sophisticated brace or cast, offers access points after CCL surgery Provides functional, active support as a rehabilitative device after injury or surgery Provides functional support alternative to costly CCL Surgery Removable protective padding provides comfort and cushion can be washed and/or replaced to maintain proper hygiene
Thermoformable Definition and Description By definition; “adjective, having the ability to be shaped using heat and pressure.” The proprietary thermoplastic material used in our braces and splinting material is designed to be heated at low temperatures and formed into the desired conforming shape. After forming, the material cools quickly into a rigid polymer similar in stiffness to ABS or polypropylene. Thermoformable construct allows the system to be spot heated to modify the shape and fit

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