I wanted to say thank you again for making the stifle braces for Griffin. In conjunction with massage and physical therapy I performed myself as well as injection plasma therapy in his stifle joint at our orthopedic animal specialist, these braces have enabled the healing process to happen over the past 8 months.

While he is no longer wearing them full time, we appreciate the added stability and peace of mind they offer when he goes outside to play Frisbee. We couldn't have made it back to where we are today without the braces! The fit was perfect from day 1! Griffin has enjoyed a pain free (no more dancing/stomping) past 2 months.

He is now back to the point of jumping/standing up on his hind legs fully loading those joints without any trouble! He is a > strong, healthy 2 1/2yr old boy that has successfully recovered without invasive tplo surgery.

I knew we could do it with time, patience, and a little additional support from those amazing stifle braces! Six specialists told me he would not recover without tplo surgery. Thank goodness for Google Scholar! I love research and it paid off. My natural approach was not the least expensive option, but so worth it in the end. Thanks again for allowing people like me to order direct from you. Wonderful service! I tell people about you as often as I can.

Best Regards, Stacey Atkinson Seattle, WA.