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I cannot say enough about Derrick and Animal Orthocare. We adopted a puppy ( Tippy) with a missing forelimb and some hip issues. When we got her home she was not mobile and her limb with the missing forelimb was stunted and at the beginning stages of atrophy. After meeting with our Vet, we went to Derrick and had Tippy fitted with her growth-stage prosthetic.

It was a very interesting and easy process. Within days we got the call that Tippy’s new leg was ready and we went straight over. Seeing her walk and run on the prosthetic almost immediately was something I will never forget. We are now heading in to get her a second, more permanent prosthetic since she has grown so much since the first one.

Her leg is now an active limb and has developed so much more muscle mass from the use of the prosthetic, she runs and jumps and goes up and down stairs—all things she couldn’t do before the prosthetic. If you have an animal that could utilize a prosthesis, I strongly recommend contacting Derrick. The first few vets we took Tippy to wanted to remove her limb completely ( a very costly and traumatic surgery with a fair amount of rehab time). In our specific case, going forward with a prosthetic also gave Tippy’s bad hips some help and will prolong her pain-free use of them. Having a loved member of our family go from being immobile to a normal, active puppy was such a spectacular thing–Thanks Derrick and Animal Orthocare, you guys are wonderful.

I will talk with my wife and let you know a date and time, see you soon!



In march, I was told my dog needed an operation on his knee approx. $4,000.00 as well as his spine (guessing quite a bit more). As I was saving up money, the thought came to me that a brace might help.

I am extremely surprised my vet did not suggest this as an option. After dealing with a few “brace” companies on the internet, and most of them scams, I feel that I got extremely lucky to find your business. I see an immediate difference with my dog when wearing the brace (and i have not even had it for a full day).

I know I was instructed only to have it on 30 minutes the first day, adding 30 more minutes each day, however the difference was so amazing, I kept it on longer. When not wearing his brace, his left leg takes all the pressure, causing his other paws to compensate and his posture is extremely poor causing his entire body to be out of wack.

With the brace on, he is able to stand properly and seems to be putting a little more pressure on the bad knee. He even made a quick turn that would have normally caused severe pain. What I am trying to say is thank you.



Joy Whitehead

February 2011 Kenai my 2 year old, 120 lb, Great Dane was running around our back yard enjoying a crisp winter day. I had just adopted Kenai from a rescue group in Tennessee five months earlier and since she came into my family she has been one happy little girl.



I just want to thank everyone at Animal Ortho care for all the help they gave me concerning my dog Bear. This has been a very tough time in my life since losing my husband and now my dog is going thru degenerative myelopathy.
I wasn’t sure what I could do for Bear and Derrick and his staff were unbelievably great with helping us. They were very patient and understanding as I was very upset with Bear’s situation.
They never tried to sell me something I didn’t need. In fact, they always got back to me on every situation I had. They were fantastic. Thanks again for all your help.

Liz Austermiller



Sammie had another vet appt today and we got some very good news.   The vet said Sammie’s leg was much sturdier now.  In fact, he was extremely pleased with how much better his leg was.  I really credit the brace for this improvement.  I really wish we had known about Animal Orthocare and your braces back when he had his first surgery in August it might have saved him the second surgery.    The vet told us to continue to let him wear the brace for another month or so and not to let him do any stair climbing or jumping to be on the safe side.    He is doing wonderfully in his brace.   Most of the time, I don’t think he even knows he is wearing it.

Anyway, I thought I would give you an update and to thank you for the wonderful work you do to give animals a better quality of life.

Thanks again, Scotty.