Stifle (Knee) Braces


$725 any size or kind (Kit Included)

*Note: When purchasing and choosing overnight shipping, the casting kit will be shipped overnight and not the brace. The brace takes time to make once we receive the mold.

Custom stifle braces can be used post operatively following a ligament repair or when your pet is not a surgical candidate. Varus/vlagus deformities, partial ligament tears and/or a luxating patella can be accommodated with use of a custom stifle brace.

“Tamarack” joints can be used to offload the stifle by mimicking the actions of a healthy ligament. Fractures can be set with a solid stifle design or can be used for long-term use to aid with non-unions.

“Ultraflex” joints can be used to increase range of motion where a contracture is present. A range of motion joint can also be used to set a desired range or to statically progressively aid in contracture management.

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