Hock Braces


Non-Articulated hock braces (any size)-$545

Articulated hock braces (any size)-$595

*Note: When purchasing and choosing overnight shipping, the casting kit will be shipped overnight and not the brace. The brace takes time to make once we receive the mold.

Custom hock braces are used most commonly for Achilles tears or following an Achilles repair surgery where an external fixator cannot be used.

Other conditions can include joint degeneration, varus/valgus deformities, subluxation, post operative protection, fracture management, tendonitis, prevention of self-mutilation, long term splinting and/or contracture management.

“Ultraflex” joints can be used to increase range of motion where a contracture is present.

“Tamarack” joints can be used to reduce range of motion or assist motion of the elbow joint. A range of motion joint can also be used to set a desired range or to statically progressively aid in contracture management.

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