Carpal / Tarsal Braces


Non-articulated carpal/tarsal braces (any size)-$545

Articulated carpal/tarsal braces (any size)-$595

*Note: When purchasing and choosing overnight shipping, the casting kit will be shipped overnight and not the brace. The brace takes time to make once we receive the mold.

“Carpal collapse” otherwise known as carpal hyperextension is the most common diagnosis seen for use of a custom carpal brace. Solid posterior shell designs are used for mild to moderate control, while bivalve (clam shell) designs can be used for maximal support or for fracture management.

“Tamarack” joints can be used to reduce hyperextension, while allowing range to assist in a more normalized gait pattern.

Range of motion joints are used for more active pets to allow full range of motion and only limit hyperextension. We also provide a wide range of custom tarsal supports and paw protectors for various conditions.

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