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I just want you to know how thankful we are for what you have done for Boom, our English Mastiff. We adopted him at 2 years of age. We had learned he was tied to a tree with a very short chain giving him little to no opportunity to move away from the tree. His development suffered and he could stand for only a few minutes at a time when we rescued him; he had little muscle development and just shook… He slowly regained strength but when he started to run, he ended up tearing his digital flexor tendon. He had it surgically repaired but, unfortunately, only 6 months later he re injured it with a complete tear this time and underwent another surgery. The surgeons recommended long-term permanent support for his hock joint. We came across Animal Ortho Care and ordered our first brace. I think we are now on number 4 – he weighs 170+ lbs and is hard on his braces – and we couldn’t be happier. I think Boom would agree. He just turned 6 on December 12th. He is able jump on the bed, bounce up and down the stairs and chase our other giant breed dog around the yard. He loves life and we credit that to Animal Ortho Care for giving him the support and mobility he deserves.

I attached a picture of Boom from shortly after he received his first brace when we took him to the pet store attached to our vet clinic and walked around a little. The other picture is of his new favorite hangout since we moved to a new house.

Thanks again~ You truly are a blessing. What you do for animals is amazing!

Jeff & Katie Endresen (Boom)

boom brace Boom Deck