Adorable puppy’s new boot gives him a leg up

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Animal Orthocare gets to experience a lot of awe-inspiring moments. Like traveling to Thailand to build artificial limbs for a pair of elephants named Mosha and Motala. Or creating prosthetics for horses and donkeys in Bhutan and a ram named Felix in Spain. But none of our patients have been quite as “awww” inspiring as little 3-and-half-month-old Murphy Urbine. Murphy is what his mom Brandy Urbine calls a “Heinz 57 dog.” The Read More

I wanted to say thank you again for making the stifle braces for Griffin

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I wanted to say thank you again for making the stifle braces for Griffin. In conjunction with massage and physical therapy I performed myself as well as injection plasma therapy in his stifle joint at our orthopedic animal specialist, these braces have enabled the healing process to happen over the past 8 months. While he is no longer wearing them full time, we appreciate the added stability and peace of mind they Read More

Elvira the Resilient Rotty Taking Baby Steps with New Foot

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If you’re ever walking around Silver Spring and you hear an overeager Rottweiler named Elvira barking at you, don’t be alarmed, says owner Karen Eason. While she has a guard dog’s instinct and can be a bit of a pill sometimes, she’s a big goofball and a total sweetheart. Elvira can’t help that she gets “talkative” when she sees people – especially when those people are walking a potential new four-legged friend.

Brace has kept 10-year-old Newfie in the game longer

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On a recent spring day Margaret Marcus decided she wanted to take a spin in a classic Cadillac she’d just bought on auction. To keep her company, the Ashburn resident invited Eros, her Landseer Newfoundland, who hopped in the car and lay down in the back, his head resting on the armrest between the two front seats . She went to the bank and the Circle K, where she took advantage of Read More

Animal Orthocare launches Kickstarter campaigns to raise money for technology and rescue organizations

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MARCH 23, 2015 — For the past 10 years, Animal Orthocare LLC has been dedicated to helping animals with mobility problems. Owner Derrick Campana’s commitment to researching, designing and testing a variety of orthotic and prosthetic models has helped us become a leader in the industry. In addition to being at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of braces and prosthetics, we’ve made it part of our mission to help rescue Read More