$1250 any size or style (casting kit included) Prosthetics are used to replace a missing limb or part of a limb. Our scope of prosthetics range from simple fillers to full.

Stifle (Knee) Braces

stifle braces

$725 any size or style (casting kit included) Custom stifle braces can be used post operatively following a ligament repair or when your pet is not a surgical candidate.

Carpal / Tarsal Braces

carpal brace

$545 – $595 any size or style (casting kit included) “Carpal collapse” otherwise known as carpal hyperextension is the most common diagnosis…

Hock Braces

hock braces

$545 – $595 any size or style (casting kit included) Custom hock braces are used most commonly for Achilles tears or following an Achilles repair surgery where an external fixator..

Animal Orthocare, LLC

Welcome to the Animal Orthocare website. In the field of veterinary medicine, orthotics, prosthetics and other assistive devices are an emerging technology that can aid in the well-being of your pet.

The goal of Animal Orthocare, LLC is to provide the highest quality Orthotics and Prosthetics to assist your pet in regaining his/her quality of life.

These devices are used to either correct or accommodate the affected limb(s) of your pet that have been disabled through trauma, illness or old age.

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Thank you so much for your service and the ability to provide an alternative to surgery! Alabaster was not putting any weight on her right rear leg since she injured it the day before Thanksgiving. As she is obese, she is not a good candidate for surgery. My vet’s advice was to severely restrict her diet and activity until she lost the eight and could have the surgery. When I researched and found you online, I questioned my vet. He only explained that a dog’s knee is not the same as a human’s knee and did not think that the device would be of much use.

The attached video was shot on day seven of wearing the brace for 15 minutes each day. Not only is she placing weight on the leg again, she is walking better, without assistance from me, and she is much happier. I plan on taking her in to the vet to enlighten him on your product and the benefits that Alabaster has received from using this device.

Again thank you and keep up the wonderful work!

Barbara Kohler



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